What can and can’t go into your skip

We’ve created a handy guide to help you understand what can and can’t go in one of our skips.

What can go in your skip

Whether it is the maintenance of your garden, creating your idea of paradise, or cleaning it up for the kids we can help you dispose of your garden waste. Waste such as foliage, soil and small plants can go in your Solowaste skip.

All types of wood can be recycled and repurposed for other uses. Wood such as furniture or garden waste is welcome in your Solowaste skip.

All sorts of metal can go into your skip. To help us recycle your paint cans they must either be clean and rinsed or completely dry. This helps us avoid damaging your property and the environment.

A huge variety of different types of cardboard and paper can be easily recycled. Paper can’t decompose properly in a landfill so place it in the skip or recycling bin.

Domestic waste includes all kinds of household waste. If you can’t find a way to reuse some of your unwanted belongings Solowaste will be able to assist you.

Home furnishings such as furniture, computers chairs or microwaves can all be disposed of in your Solowaste skip. Mattresses are chargeable on skips so please ring ahead before booking.

What can’t go in your skip

Exposure to asbestos dust particles is incredibly dangerous. To keep our customers and crew safe we do not allow asbestos in our skips.

As well as releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere food waste can also damage your other waste and prevent Solowaste from recycling it.

Large electricals such as PC monitors, microwaves and laptops can be removed by Solowaste on request. If you have any questions about what to put in your skip please call us on 01322 303080.

Please avoid putting any clinical or medical waste into your skip as this could put our staff at risk.

Mattresses and other large objects can be collected by Solowaste for an additional charge. Please let us know when booking a skip if you are disposing of any of these items.

Under no circumstance can you put any form of tyres in your Solowaste skip. Tyres can be disposed of both at your local recycling plant and certain body shops.

Call or send a message for more details